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10 free things you can ask for when you fly


A flight, especially when it is long, can be exhausting. Sometimes we don't know but during a flight, we can do several things for free. Here's a summary of the free services you can request before and during a flight so you can have a better experience on the plane.


Free things you can ask for when on a plane


1. Changing seats

When one is travelling with a group of friends or family, it is always more pleasant to sit next to each other. If you have already boarded and this is not the case, you can ask if it’s possible to change your seat once all passengers have boarded. Ask the staff if there are other places available and if you can change seats. Hopefully, they will find a solution and you’ll be sat close to your loved ones at no extra cost during the flight.


2. Beverages

Are you a little, or very, thirsty? If you don't find yourself flying with a low-cost airline, drinks are probably included in your ticket. In some cases, you can order any kind of drinks (juices, alcoholic, water) and the airline staff will be happy to serve them to you.


3. Personal hygiene items, medicine or emergency kit

In a long flight, especially in the ones in which there is no opportunity to sleep, we do not find ourselves at our best. If migraine attacks you, want to freshen yourself up a little, or have cut a finger with a page of your book or just if you feel unwell, different types of medicine will be on board and should be free. On long flights, hygiene kits will also be available.


4. Internet connection (limited)

If you can't sleep and want to talk to a friend, or if you need to communicate with the people waiting for you at your destination, several airlines give you free Internet access to make your messaging applications work.


5. Brooch with logo

Airlines often have winged brooches with their logo on them. If you ask nicely, you'll probably get the stewardess's brooch.


6. A little more food

It's true that food trays tend to be small. If you’re not full, why not ask for more? For example, you can order an extra portion of dessert while supplies last.


7. Taking care of children for a moment

If you need to go to the bathroom or something else, and you don't want to leave the children unattended: a stewardess can take care of them for a moment without problems. Free of charge, of course.


8. Headphones

Do you want to sleep peacefully or have your headphones are not working? If you're not flying with a low-cost airline, you can ask for a pair of headphones so you don't miss out on the movies. Okay, they won't be of the best quality, but they will get the job done.


9. A little sleeping comfort

Sleeping on the plane is not always easy. To make it more enjoyable, you can take advantage of free earplugs, a sleeping mask to block the light, blankets or even socks. Get those zeds rolling.


Free things when flying


10. Visiting the cockpit

The cockpit is still a mysterious part of the aircraft. If you're tempted to take a look, ask! All you have to do is wait until the plane has landed and come to a complete stop. The staff will be happy to show it to you.


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