Travel Survival Tip: When should you buy your flight ticket?


Many air passengers know that buying your flight at the right time can save you big money. But when is the right time? Flights can go up dramatically in price is as little as an hour, so many passengers simply try to book their flights as early as possible. However, a new study has tracked flight data and worked out the perfect time to buy your flights for an upcoming holiday.


Book 70 days in advance for the cheapest flights


A study by revealed that perfect time to buy your flights for an upcoming flight is 70 days before! The results are outlined in the infographic below!


When to buy flights in order to get the lowest price


While it seems strange that you can save money by booking a flight later, it allows the airlines to make a bit more money from more nervous travellers who book far in advance. This also turns flight finding into an art that can be mastered! It’s important to note that these figures are just averages, so there is a chance you can still find great last minute deals (but you are playing with fire). The study also found that the cheapest flights tend to be on a Wednesday, whereas the most expensive flights are on Sundays. All good to know!


An extra tip for if you are delayed or if your flight was cancelled


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