Flying Conspiracies - Is the Aviation Industry Hiding Something?

In the wake of 9/11, conspiracy theories surrounding the aviation industry have become extremely popular. While some of these theories appear credible on the surface, others are just completely insane! At we like to keep you updated with all things flight related, so it would be a great shame for you to go through your day without reading some creative conspiracies! Enjoy!

Airplanes release chemical trails for mind and weather control!

Verdict: Not completely false

One popular theory is that the trail airplanes leave across the sky is filled with chemicals designed for both mind control and weather manipulation! On the surface this sounds ludicrous, research has shown that the condensation trails of the aircraft indicate no evidence of chemical spraying. However, sometimes planes can be used for weather alteration. In Dubai, a technique known as ‘cloud seeding’ is used to encourage rainfall. This technique does in fact involve planes releasing chemicals (shown below), so this conspiracy is actually (very slightly) true!

Passengers get high from oxygen masks

Tyler Durden in the movie ‘Fight Club’ -  “Oxygen gets you high. In a catastrophic emergency, you're taking giant panicked breaths. Suddenly you become euphoric, docile. You accept your fate.”

Verdict: False

Sorry guys, if your oxygen masks fall they won’t get you high! The oxygen supply is purely about coping with depressurisation and low oxygen levels. This supply then simply prevents you from passing out from the low-levels of oxygen, while the pilots descend to a safer altitude. While the reality is less exciting, we are happy that oxygen masks are a sign of hope rather than impending doom!

The “brace” position is designed to kill you during a crash

Verdict: False

This is perhaps the darkest conspiracy theory in this list. Believers claim that airlines have several dark motives for wanting you to adopt the brace position. Some believe its to kill passengers instantly and avoid paying out millions in compensation, others say it is to preserve your teeth for identification after the crash. After testing the position in 1989, research showed that adopting the position reduced your chances of injury and increased your chances of survival. For the future, we strongly recommend you follow the airlines safety instructions under the assumption that everything is for your benefit and safety!

The Bermuda Triangle 

Verdict: False (probably)

The Bermuda Triangle is surrounded by conspiracy theories due to the large number of disappearances in the area across history. The frustrating fact is that there is no generally accepted explanation. The main theories can differ remarkably in the plausibility. Scientists tend to claim that the disappearances are due to adverse weather in the region. Another, more reasonable is that the crashes and disappearances are not that remarkable given that the area has been one of the busiest and most travelled routes throughout history. However, many have come up with other alternative theories, such as aliens using the area as a portal to space, magical crystals underwater disrupting flights and even secret government weapons testing! While difficult to disprove, these are all extremely unlikely!

Claiming compensation for a flight delay

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