The story of how 84 plumbers were unable to fix a toilet.

Sometimes there are flight delays that are just a bit more extraordinary than others. Take the example of Norwegian Air 1156; this plane suddenly had to turn back around having only taken off a mere twenty minutes before. The reason? Problems with the engine; an unruly passenger; collision with a bird perhaps? No, this was due to faulty toilets! You read that correctly, faulty toilets. As these got clogged somewhere along the way, passengers on the Oslo-Munich flight experienced a diversion and ultimately arrived at their final destination with a delay of over three hours.

Ironically, however, a total of 84 plumbers were on board the aircraft. 65 of which belong to the same company who were travelling together. Apparently, the plumbers would have loved to help, but the problem could only be solved from outside of the plane. Quite a challenge once you’re at an altitude of 10,000 meters.

If you were among the passengers aboard the airplane, if you’ve had a flight delay that was related to a toilet problem, or any other technical problems for that matter, please let us know by filing a claim with us. Such problems fall within the airline’s liability. You may be entitled to compensation, depending on the total delay and other possible circumstances.