Flight cancelled, what now?

An unwanted scenario: you are at the airport with your luggage and you are ready to start enjoying your well deserved holidays. Full of confidence, you check in and you are told that your flight is cancelled. What now? No need to worry, because Flight-Delayed.co.uk will help you out!

What should have been the start of a fun experience, changed  to a stressful situation in a matter of seconds. Of course, this is not what you had been waiting for. Fear not, for after reading this article, you will have all the necessary knowledge and be more confident for it. Knowledge is power.

Your rights

First of all, try to find out what the cause of the cancellation is. In many cases, you are entitled to compensation as well as an alternative flight. This compensation can amount to a maximum of €600,- per person, depending on the distance of your flight in kilometres. Found out the reason? Good. Go to the airline’s desk and look for an appropriate solution for your cancelled flight. The airline is obliged to offer you a flight which ensures that you will arrive at your destination. Does the alternative not suit your needs? It is then possible to book an alternative flight yourself, but do note that in this case, you will only receive a refund of the original ticket price. Don’t go all out with booking an alternative flight, because these costs will not be refunded.

Alternative flight leaves the next day

There is a possibility that the airline has no more flights to offer that leave on the same day as your scheduled flight and therefore an alternative flight for the next day can be arranged.  In this case, the airline has to arrange for hotel accommodation and possible transportation to this accommodation. Did the airline not offer you accommodation or transportation, but your flight leaves the next day? No worries! You can also book accommodation yourself, but be sure to keep your receipts, as you can claim these costs back from the airline afterwards.

Save your receipts

All other costs that you incurred due to having to stay at the airport longer than you wished to, can be recovered, for example costs for food and beverages. These costs can all be claimed back from the airline.

Claim compensation

Is your flight cancelled and was it not a case of force majeure (adverse weather circumstances, political threat etc.)? In  that case, as mentioned, you may be entitled to compensation. Are you not sure what the reason behind the cancellation was? Submit your claim on Flight-Delayed.co.uk and we will sort out the matter. One final tip: if you decide not to fly at all (for instance, if you were going for the weekend and there would be no point in leaving one day later), you are entitled to a refund of your original ticket on top of the mentioned compensation.