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Travel Hack #6: Book your flight on a Tuesday night

You’re planning your holiday and are all about finding the best deal. We’ve got tips, tricks and hacks to make sure your vacation goes as smoothly as possible. In this week's edition we'll be helping you find the best deals for flights.

Money saved on your flight is always a bonus and can be spent on the remainder of your holiday. But finding the best deal is not always easy. Behind most travel websites are often complex systems, that continuously strive to offer the best prices. This can work to your advantage but can also be a trap. A deal once found can easily increase in price a few hours later. This handy hack is definitely worth trying in order to score better airfare.

Research shows, that tickets are cheapest at around midnight on Tuesdays. If lucky, you can save up to six percent. As a general rule of thumb, tickets are usually somewhat cheaper at around midnight Mondays to Wednesdays and tend to rise in price towards the end of the week. So circle your calendar and try booking on a Tuesday night.

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